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Michael Griffin is presently working on projects in Australia and Dubai in the health and finance industries. He will construct a music playlist to:

- enhance your unique store or front-of-house ambiance
- suit your product
- suit the store demographic
- encourage positive shopping behaviour.
- put people at ease

A recommended playlist time is a minimum of 8 hours.

Frequently asked questions

What information does my business need to provide to assist you in the choice of music for our front-of- office?
You need to have a clear understanding of the image you wish to portray to your clients. Also, customer demographic, and photos of the office space/environment in which the music will be playing.

What format does the music come in and how much music do I need?
You will be posted a data disc of the music playlist in mp3 format. This is yours to keep and further advice will be given regarding suitable (and free) downloadable mp3 players for your computer. A recommended playlist minimum is 8 hours.

What if the clients doesn’t seem to notice the music?
Research shows that the physiological and psychological effects of music listening occur whether or not patrons are deliberately attentive to it.

My staff might prefer different styles of music to your playlist.
The music is targeted at giving the designated area congruence with your company/product image. Using music to motivate staff is another matter.

How is it possible that music can affect purchase behaviour?
It’s to do with the notion that positive attitudes towards a product can develop through its association with sensory stimuli that are reacted to positively. The affect is involved. Music is a clever, subconscious, invisible sensory stimulus. Music is more effective in generating an emotional response than any other medium.  Music enhances perception of product.
But the music must fit the environment. For example, it would seem wrong to have a string quartet play at a Burger House, just as it would to have country and western music in a 5-star restaurant.

My boss loves music and says he wants to choose it. Is this wise?
Many store managers choose music based on their intuition or that of their sales team. Indeed, most sales people choose what entertains them rather than what will assist in sales. My expertise comes from years of study in music, psychology and education.

What exactly are your qualifications for this?
I have three higher education awards, and my dissertation in a Masters of Education Studies involved a study of the psychology of music on human behaviour. You are welcome to read this by downloading the PDF file from this page. Also, I am a musician with many years experience playing in top hotels/restaurants. Most people are unaware that the purpose of music in this situation is not merely entertainment, but to encourage patrons to stay longer (in most cases), spend more money, and make more expensive purchases.

This sounds like an interesting topic for my sales team to understand. Can you make a presentation to them about this?
Sure. I have presented at many conferences, and taught in education for quite a few years. I’d be very pleased to share this knowledge with your company, or as part of a conference.

Some facts about music:
1. Music - the most emotive of the arts, can reinforce your retail image.
2. Music has a physiological and psychological effect on us all.
3. Most retailers do not have the expertise to select the appropriate music for their store or restaurant.

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