Music Posters



Click on the image for full size, then print and laminate.

For contemporary jazz images, I recommend the art of Emmett Ardie Williams.



I have two music education book series suitable for a range of age groups.



Music and Keyboard in the Classroom is aimed for general music tuition within a keyboard laboratory setting, whilst Modern Harmony Method is suitable for more senior students involved in composition, arranging and harmonization. Details of these books, including samples, testimonials, articles and prices are on the Music Education Books page. Great news, 'Bumblebee! Rounds & Warm-ups for Choirs' is now available through Amazaon stores.

What are the merits of background music in the classroom? Teachers experiment with music in the background (judiciously chosen for certain learning tasks only) in an attempt to improve learning outcomes. This occurs if the selected music can influence (and improve) classroom behaviour and atmosphere.